Who we are.

BeLEAF Survivors seeks to provide a safe and compassionate environment to promote hope and healing after sexual assault by lifting, empowering, advocating, and fighting for survivors and their allies and, therefore the community as a whole. Additionally, through education, outreach, and collaboration we work to shift the culture that perpetuates sexual violence.

BeLEAF has two programs:

Sexual Assault Services (SAS) and Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN).

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer advocates spend one day a month answering crisis calls
from survivors and other concerned community members,
as well as responding to area hospitals when a survivor reports an assault.

Call BeLEAF at (262) 619-1634 to learn more about available volunteer opportunities.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) volunteers are also needed.

“But no matter how much evil I see, I think it’s important for everyone to understand that there is much more light than darkness.”

Robert Uttaro, “To the Survivors: One Man’s Journey as a Rape Crisis Counselor with True Stories of Sexual Violence”

“They provided answers in a time when all I had was questions. They helped me slow down my mind and let me know that it was going to get better.

From a survivor speaking on their experience with BeLEAF

“This book does not have a happy ending. The happy part is there is no ending, because I’ll always find a way to keep going.”

Chanel Miller, “Know My Name”