BeLEAF Survivors’ Board of Directors

Member NameRole
Shelley HickmanBoard President, Executive Committee Chair
Candace SanchezVice President
Scott KindermanTreasurer
Alyssa ArzikovicSecretary
Rachel CortezMember of the Board
Cathy Duchow CrossMember of the Board
Linda PuliceMember of the Board
Lora Schulz ReindersMember of the Board
Je’Leslie TaylorMember of the Board
Christina TrinidadMember of the Board
Karen FetherstonAgency Representative – Executive Director
Samantha SustachekAgency Representative – Program Director

Interested In Being Part Of Our Board?

Skills Required
  • A passion for the cause
  • An open-minded attitude empowering other board members to express views
  • An ability to be a team-player to work toward solutions
  • Responsibility in attendance and task completion
  • Respect for others on the team
  • A willingness to learn from others and share your own experiences

While it would be helpful for members to be familiar within the communities of Racine County, residing outside Racine County would not automatically preclude board participation.

Responsibilities/Expected Duties
  • Attend board meetings,
  • Support and assess the Executive Director.
  • Help with strategic planning.
  • Manage resources effectively.
  • Cultivate, recruit, and orient new board members.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  • Abide by bylaws and policies.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Be a BeLEAF ambassador by Promoting and supporting the agency.
  • Attend and encourage acquaintances to attend fundraisers.
  • Request fundraiser sponsorships or donations.
  • Note, no minimum financial contribution required.
  • Serve in a volunteer capacity with professional conduct.
  • Directors may participate in meetings by means of telephone or video conference and/or email communications and such participation can constitute presence in person at such meetings, however a physical presence is required at least twice in a calendar year.
  • Full Board Meetings are held the second Monday evenings of even months.
  • Executive Meetings are held the second Monday evenings of odd months.
  • Annual Meetings are held once per year.
  • Special Meetings may be called as necessary.
Time Commitment
  • Membership requires regular attendance of meetings for a term of 2 years.
  • Terms can be renewed for an additional 2 years.
  • Time commitment varies depending on the role of the individual, the committee projects, and time of year. A good estimate would be 4 hours per month for general board members, closer to 7 hours per month for the executives figuring in all fundraisers, board meetings, committee meetings, emails, etc.
To Apply