Become a Volunteer Advocate

BeLEAF Survivors utilizes two teams of Volunteer Advocates to help provide support to sexual assault survivors in our community. We are also working on building a Spanish speaking team.

Racine Volunteer Advocates answer the 24-hour hotline and respond to Ascension-All Saints ER to provide support and information about resources to survivors of sexual assault. They take one 24-hour shift per month.

Burlington Volunteer Advocates respond to Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington and do not respond to the calls on the crisis line.  Burlington volunteers provide support and information about resources to survivors while they are at the hospital.  The time and duration of on call shifts in Burlington are flexible.

Spanish Volunteer Advocates will provide support and information to Spanish speaking survivors at the hospital.  If you would like to know more reach out to our Bilingual Outreach Advocate, Annabell Bustillos at: (262) 619-1634 Ext. 114 or abustillos@beleafsurvivors.org

Volunteer Requirements & Training

All of our Volunteer Advocates must be at least 18 years old, have access to a car or reliable transportation, attend our comprehensive training, and pass a background check (there may be additional requirements depending on where the Volunteer Advocate is responding). Volunteer Advocates must also be able to respond to the hospital within approximately 30-45 minutes while on call.

The Volunteer Advocate training consists of about 18 hours of material spread over several evenings and/or weekend days. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Advocate, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Trene McCaskill at: (262) 619-1634 Ext. 118 or tmccaskill@beleafsurvivors.org

You can also fill out our form and we will get back to you. Click here for the form.

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Become a Board Member

Become a BeLEAF Survivors Board and/or Committee Member

BeLEAF Survivors has a working board and multiple committees. If you are interested in learning more about our board or how to join go to our board page here.

Skills that are required to be a successful member include:

  • A passion for the cause
  • An open-minded attitude that empowers other board members to express their views
  • An ability to be a team-player to work toward solutions
  • Responsibility in attendance and task completion
  • Respect for others on the team
  • A willingness to learn from others and share your own experiences

The services BeLEAF provides are life changing for the community. Serving on the Board enables me to lift up, empower, advocate and fight for our community by living our mission and providing organizational and program stability. Hearing testimony of those who have worked with the amazing BeLEAF team is the greatest reward of serving! 


Other Ways to Help

If you are not able to volunteer as an advocate but would still like to contribute to our efforts, our program is always gratefully accepting donations. If you would like learn more about how to donate, please visit our donation page for more information here.

If you wish to donate something or have thoughts about other ways you would like to volunteer your time and talents to our program, please contact us at info@beleafsurvivors.org.