Support Survivors

BeLEAF Survivors is “branching out.”

As an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are establishing a reserve fund to give us a firm foundation. Given our importance to the Racine community, we are asking the community’s help to make our nonprofit launch with financial security.

Donate via PayPal at by CLICKING HERE.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by July 1.

We hope that you will see partnering with and supporting this essential organization will be worth the investment.

Donation levels

Any gift of $100 or more will be specially recognized on a beautifully handcrafted tree display inside the BeLEAF office space. You can donate as an individual, gather family or organization gifts into a single larger donation for greater recognition, or opt for recurring monthly gifts that will total to a larger giving level.

Our work promotes dignity and healing.

2020 Services Snapshot
– We assisted 120 survivors in Racine County hospital emergency rooms after their sexual assaults.
– We answered 246 calls on the 24-hour crisis line, providing compassionate advice.
– We supported 256 families by giving them guidance and providing resources while their children were at the Racine County Child Advocacy for sexual abuse investigations.
– We provided 1038 individual counseling sessions for survivors at no cost.
– We taught 55 group lessons across Racine County that educated hundreds of people about sexual violence prevention and awareness.

Together, we can transform lives.


You can’t take away what happened,
But you can give comfort to survivors in times of crisis.

You can’t clear their path,
But you can assure no survivor needs to walk it alone.

You can’t make their pain go away,
But you can make sure no survivor has to pay to heal from their assault.

You can’t reach everyone,
But you can change the way Racine thinks about and responds to sexual violence.