Stop Child Abuse & Neglect

Teaching kids what abuse is, what to do it if happens, and how to get help-
one classroom at a time.

SCAN has provided school-based child abuse awareness lessons to children in southeastern Wisconsin for more than 35 years at more than 90 public, private, and parochial schools. SCAN teaches children to recognize abusive situations and to understand that abuse needs to be reported right away to trusted adults.

What people have said about SCAN:

SCAN works toward creating a world where all children grow up in safe environments free from abuse.

All SCAN lessons teach children:

They are all special and have a right to feel safe and be safe.

There are safe and unsafe touches.

Abuse should not be kept a secret.

Abuse should be reported right away and until someone helps.

Abuse is never a child’s fault.


A SCAN staff member can typically be reached by calling 262-619-1633 Monday through Friday. If you want to read the SCAN staff member bios you can go to our staff page here.

SCAN, a Program of BeLEAF Survivors

Prevention Educator

Gayle Letsch

Extension 111

SCAN, a Program of BeLEAF Survivors

Prevention Educator

Luna Dodge (She/Her/Hers)

Extension 110